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Below is the price for each item of work. It is not exhaustive but represents the majority of business we support. Prices can be negotiated, and discounts available for multiple work.

Prices assuming all information is uploaded to the website at outset. However, we will request information that has not been received, gather data on your behalf, and act as a compliance checker in terms of the advice given.

Prices below do not include VAT.

Sample Price List for Suitability Reports

(Prices assume that full information has been obtained, added to the client record, and allows the report to be completed based on what is supplied).

Ceding scheme LOA Information and Illustration Request (per policy being replaced) £45


New Pension Policy £295
Pension Switch £400 (for each additional ceding scheme) £125
Final Salary Transfer £600 (for each additional ceding scheme) £275
UFPLS only £325
FAD with PCLS only £375 FAD with flexible income £475 FAD with Phased Drawdown £575 (for each additional ceding scheme) £125
Annuity Purchase £280 (for each additional ceding scheme) £75


New Isa £185 ISA Transfer £220 (for each additional ceding scheme) £75
New GIA £185 GIA Re-registration £220 (for each additional ceding scheme) £75
ISA and GIA Combination Reports
Bed and ISA £150 New ISA and GIA £260
Investment Bond
New Investment Bond £275 Chargeable Gain Calculation £65
EIS, VCT, AIM Portfolio, Structured Product, IHT and Trusts
New Investment £300 For each additional investment £125
New Protection £250 Replacement £275 For each additional scheme £125
Long Term Care
New Business £275 Replacement £325

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